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1860‘s Vintage Base Ball is the fastest growing sport in these United States. Get to know these competitive history buffs and hear the stories and memories that make being a part of vintage base ball so special. Learn the history of the game and the history of their love of baseball.

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4 days ago

This is a great episode, we start with the newest club in Illinois, the Champaign Clippers or is is Champaaaaane? What went into getting ready for their inaugural season? Doug Burgett and Jed Willard join us and gives us the details of a long process about to become a reality.
THEN we are joined by Robert Sampson, Author and professional historian, we talk about his new book , BALLISTS, DEADBEATS and MUFFINS. We talk about his career in writing and teaching. A GREAT Mt. Rushmore of favorite players and such much knowledge he almost made Swamp Fox and Barrel Roller seem relevant. Join Us , shall you

Monday Mar 13, 2023

Back to the East Coast with Christopher Tonstad. We talk memories of Paul Salomone, we talk Diehard, we talk about finding vintage base ball when you are far past your prime. Swamp Fox partakes in proper theater talk with Chris. Welcome to the Party Pal! Then VBBA Secretary Bill Helm comes in to talk about the upcoming conference in Dayton, Ohio. All the info. so you can maximize your trip to the conference....THEAAAATER

Monday Mar 06, 2023

It's a warm one! We start with Bill Pollifrone telling us about a winter event that happened in Florida a couple weeks ago. Then we transition to Darrin Tenney (Or as the government knows him, John). It's Arizona vintage base ball history time. When his romance started with it and his venomous tenacity at finding out information. He is an author and a guitar player, even though that the audio didn't work on that! And the LEP!

Monday Feb 27, 2023

What do you do when you're on a waiting list for 4 start your own club. Listen as Swamp Fox and Barrel Roller get the honor of talking to some of the real good guys of the game we play. Jim and Todd Mattingly talk about get started in vintage, the different clubs, Pete Rose and Todd pooping in a weird place.

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Swampy Fox and Barrel Roller hit up a couple fine gentlemen from California to talk 1886 baseball. Chris Johnson and Victor Gomez talk facial hair, putting effort into presentation, how not to be bitter after losing one because you won 2, Bobby Grich giving away shirts to Goodwill, what the "DESIGNER' has designed and how he is sleeping with the enemy. So much fun was had, SEASON 4 is now....ACTIVATED!

Monday Feb 13, 2023

The 1988 movie EIGHT MEN OUT, was it accurate...NO, was it well made...NO. But the effort was there and we can all learn what did and didn't happen in the 1919 World Series-Black Sox scandal. 
Jeff Koslowski provides knowledge that you should be thirsty for after seeing this movie. Barrel Roller and Swamp Fox throw in their 2 cents as we discuss things like hats, Joe Jackson staring at a candle and Nancy Travis being in So I married an axe murderer.

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

PART 2 of our round table discussion about MAJOR LEAGUE. Swamp Fox, Marbles and Barrel Roller attempt to suspend disbelief and talk about the problematic slap of Cerrano's ass by the owner. Jake Taylor stalking and the bunt heard round the world.

Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

Swamp Fox, Marbles and Barrel Roller do a scene by scene discussion of the movie Major League. Is Jake Taylor the antagonist? What's your favorite Janitor from Scrubs moment? Popping up is easy! Listen as we get half way through the movie.

Friday Dec 23, 2022

Want the real answers to real questions to SANTA CLAUS? Listen as Swamp Fox and Barrel Roller have the chance of a lifetime to interview the one and only Santa Claus. He tells it like it is and gives you more information than we are sure you would get anywhere else. The highlight of Season 3...let's face it, the highlight of the whole 3 year run! From our families to yours...IT'S SANTA CLAUS!

Monday Dec 19, 2022

What a way to end a season. Listen as Swamp Fox, Barrel Roller and Big Bat continue to talk about vintage pet peeves. We also cover Tom's history in vintage and everything from start to finish in baseball and base ball. Tom is not just a great guy, but a true precious gem of the vintage community. Stealing happened people!! Come and listen to find out why this guy is so well liked. We couldn't have finished a season any better. What.a.season.!!


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